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We strongly advise you talk to our experienced and passionate designers as early as possible to enable us to input on your project.

Our suggested vision of a finished project often has a dramatic impact on a scheme or interior. Decisive action can then be required to align plans, location, services, under floor heating, structural works and building requirements.

The disturbance and expense impacting a project can be minimised in its infancy.

The benefits of engaging with us early are self-evident and typically means you will maximise the impact of your commissioned project and will enjoy the benefits of some insightful decision making long after the project is complete.

contact:/ wayne@drewforsyth.co.uk / andrea@drewforsyth.co.uk on 01422 842206 or leigh@drewforsyth.co.uk on 01422 886700


  • Listen and Advise
  • Define and Quantify
  • Design & Budget
  • Craft & Install

Our designers are expert listeners, and will search out every last detail required to formulate a refined working brief for your individual project. They are tasked with offering you honest, unbiased up to date advice to enable you to make informed choices. Their design flair, knowledge and confidence is inspiring and will put you at ease. Know you have found the company you want to entrust your project too. The role of the designer is to realise the full potential of your vision.

The envisaged design concept is brought to life to satisfy your unique wish-list. Combining the sensibilities of practical operational space management, storage optimization and timeless creative refinement. The designer will utilize all Drew Forsyth & Co and the greater industry has to offer to perfect the assembly of fine materials and ingenious features in your interior. At this stage a ballpark figure can be presented to ensure budgets are aligned.

Once the design direction is agreed and the general budget aligned progress can be made on the fine detailing, refining the specific combination of materials, colour palettes and technological requirements. Detailed scale drawings and colour visuals are produced to effectively communicate every last aspect of your project.

We thoroughly recommend you visit the Factory to experience first-hand the level of care, investment and passion that is poured into every project flowing through the 16,000 sq ft Workspace. We encourage potential clients to start with this process, leaving you in no doubt about our combined abilities. A visit is also a source of inspiration to see what other projects and material combinations are emerging alongside your own.

Rest assured that your project receives the same level of craftsmanship.

All our Fitters are Cabinet Maker trained and have been selected from our pool of experienced craftsmen. Their appreciation and understanding of the product is second to none.

Budget Estimation

We fully appreciate budget is one of the key deciding factors in selecting a supplier and product to suit your projected budget. We have made the estimation process as transparent and open as possible so budget is aligned from the very first discussions.

Typical Kitchen prices start at £25,000 We do however frequently undertake Multi-room projects that can run into £100k plus.

We use a simple Square Metre calculator to give you a snapshot of your project £1,000-£1,400 per Sq-Mtr based on room size.

All our designers are experienced at giving ballpark estimates from initial discussions and will help to guide your brief accordingly.

Design Your Own

We do partner with numerous architects, interior designers and other retail studios who commission us to make their own designed projects. While we are no strangers to this process we would highly recommend you engage with our designers to get our input to benefit from our experience and refined detailing.

Free Samples

Once you have made the informed choice to commit to a DF&Co interior project we will furnish you with all you need to make those critical decisions. We highly recommend a workshop tour to aid the decision-making process and to help you visualise the furniture in your home.

Free Consultation

We love what we do and enjoy the time invested with our clients. Seeing you enjoy the final rewards of the collective investment at the outset is gratifying. Please feel free to drop into our inspirational showroom studio anytime. If you do intend to commence a consultation please book with a designer so we can dedicate sufficient un-interrupted time for you.

Ring 01422 842206 to talk to a designer.

Design Turnaround

“An informed customer is a decisive customer”. We wholeheartedly recommend you enjoy shopping around and gaining inspiration from online sources such as our own website, Pinterest and Houzz. At the consultation we can guide your search for the perfect fit. Once a definitive direction and brief is established we can turn around a design within a week.


DF&Co typically work on a 5 week lead-time once all paperwork is finalised and signed off for production. Delivery dates are established based on availability of paperwork from which production can be scheduled.

We recognise that many of our clients are working from plans, on new build or sizeable refurbishment projects and we are happy to manufacture and store for you if schedules slip back. We can book advanced production windows for a small deposit to suit your projected time-frames.