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All things Fern

Interior design trends are embracing nature through prints and objects for the home this year, in particular, ferns. These prehistoric plants are survivors of centuries of climate change. Complex fractions and, algorithms describe their fascinating shapes, uncurling as they grow. 

There are about 80 native British species and collecting them and recording them became a hobby for many Victorians across a broad section of society.

Due to their hardiness and abundance and the introduction of the glazed case, it was possible to grow them in the home or press their dried fronds into a book.‘Pteridomania’ set in motion a trend with the fern motif used for decorative items, from buildings to glassware and using stencils to print onto paper wood and fabrics.

Introduce fern plants on a small scale for a delicate point of interest

Or use a huge fern as a fabulous focal point in large scale rooms.

Here are some more fern inspired ideas for your interior

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Table decor

Softening but defining a room divide

 A botanical display for a mantle shelf

Ferns would look great on top of the wall cupboards in this Drew Forsyth & Co kitchen

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