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Thinking of a wood floor? Here are our top 3 tips

Establish that it is a wood floor and not laminate with a small V groove - Compare these two images below. Without a V groove a real timber floor can look like a laminate. 

wood laminate floor

Wood Laminate

Real wood with V Groove

Real wood with V Groove

To be sure that the wood floor is stable - particularly if there is to be underfloor heating- choose engineered board. An odd extra wide plank mixed in will give an authentic look. Even sized widths a more contemporary feel. 

Image of engineered board. the top 6-8mm is solid timber. The substrate is composite timber in alternating directions to prevent swelling and shrinkage.


Mistakenly a dark wood is often chosen in the belief that  darker the wood the less marks will show

Choose a mid tone such as Oak as in the image below 

An Oak floor under DrewForsyth&Co furniture

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