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Fantastic FREE Seminars with the experts at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show Harrogate

The Seminar Theatre

What ten things must you consider when building a sustainable home? Do heat pumps really work? And how can you finish your self-build project on time within budget? Come along to the Seminar Theatre and get expert answers to these and many more common self-build and renovation questions.

These FREE sessions running throughout the three days are packed with real-life tips on avoiding pitfalls and achieving stunning results. Make sure you get there early to grab a seat and avoid disappointment.



A beginner’s guide to building your own home

How you can build your own individually designed home and save up to 30% compared to buying a new house. Learn how to find a plot, get a self-build mortgage, develop a design scheme and decide whether to use a builder, or manage the project yourself. 
Jason Orme, Editor, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine



How to find and assess a building plot

Discover how professional land finding agents identify and assess land for development and how you can apply these techniques to find the site for your dream home. Plus, a look at custom build – having a bespoke home built to order on a serviced plot. 
David Snell, Author and Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Contributing Editor



Planning Permission: How to find your way through the planning maze

An introduction to the planning process. Discover the tactics that will maximise your chances of getting consent for your homebuilding or renovating project. Learn how the system works, who makes the decisions, how to influence them, when to compromise, when to appeal and more. 
Sally Tagg, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Planning Expert



Extension design ideas: how to successfully add space and value to your home by extending renovating and remodelling

Discover the best way to add space and value to your home in the most cost-effective and space-efficient way. With inspirational examples of successful projects, learn how to unlock the hidden potential in your home by combining extension projects with remodelling work and loft, cellar and garage conversions. 
Michael Holmes, Editor-in-Chief, Real Homes Magazine



How to Build Your Own Home for Under £100,000 – the key to budgeting and effective cost control

Discover how to build your home on a tight budget without sacrificing quality or size. Learn how factors such as your choice of materials, fixtures and fittings, design complexity, scale and effective project management all influence construction costs. 
Bob Branscombe, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Building Expert



How to choose the right heating system for your home

Learn how to establish which heating system is best for your home based on your available budget, your lifestyle and your priorities, from saving money upfront on installation costs, investing long-term to reduce ongoing running costs, being as green as possible, or integrating specific design requirements such as a traditional range cooker or a woodburning stove. 
Tim Pullen, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Eco Expert



Permitted Development: How to improve your home without having to apply for Planning Permission

An introduction to permitted development rights - the extensions, improvements and alterations you can make to your home without having to submit a planning application. Learn how to make the most of the recent relaxation of permitted development rules in England, plus how to combine Permitted Development and Planning Permission to maximise development potential. 
Sally Tagg, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Planning Expert



How to project manage your own homebuilding or renovating project and reduce your build costs by £1,000s

Whether you are renovating, remodelling, extending or converting, discover how to plan and schedule your project to ensure you control costs and guarantee your moving in date. Discover what to expect, how to prioritise your own time, whether to live in or move out and much more. 
David Snell, Author and Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Contributing Editor



Inspirational kitchen design ideas: how to create the perfect family kitchen

Your step-by-step guide to creating the perfect kitchen, designed around your lifestyle. Discover how to make the most of the potential in your home to maximise the sense of space and light. Find out the fundamental design rules that make all the difference to a successful project 
Michael Holmes, Editor-in-Chief of Real Homes Magazine



Fixed price contracts: why with all the will in the world, a fixed price from a builder or supplier often isn't...

Gain an appreciation for why the ideal of a fixed price agreement can often not materialise - understand the factors affecting the robustness and certainty of the contract sum, and the factors which can influence and change this 
Bob Branscombe, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Building Expert



Energy efficiency – can you go too far? How best to balance investment, payback and practicality

Just how far is it worth going when it comes to super insulation, triple glazing, airtightness and renewable technology? Do standards like Passivhaus and Low-E live up to the hype? Are recent newspaper claims that super energy efficient homes can be too hot to live in during the summer really true? 
Tim Pullen, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Eco Expert


(Friday and Saturday only)

Self Build Case Study: Self Builder and Passivhaus Consultant Philip Newbold talks about his own experience building a low-energy home in Weardale, County Durham

Discover what it’s really like building your own home using Passivhaus design principles on a limited budget in a Conservation Area and AONB: the challenges and the triumphs, and what it’s like living in an award-winning home that is designed not to require any form of conventional heating. 
Philip Newbold, Architectural Designer, Passivhaus Trust Member and Board of Trustees Member of the AECB





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